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Beam and Benefitfocus - An Innovative Dental Partnership

Take a look at how Beam's unique approach to dental benefits integrates with BenefitPlace so employers can offer innovative dental plans to compliment their core benfits.

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Benefitfocus has partnered with Beam to provide innovative dental coverage that seamlessly integrates with BenefitplaceTM to give employers the ability to offer unique dental plans alongside their core benefits.

Beam's dental health approach in unique in that it incorporates dental hygiene into policy pricing and supports healthy employee habit by supplying them with a connected, electric toothbrush with automatic shipments of replacement heads, toothpaste and floss.

How can this get any better?

Beam takes care of it all with no added admin burden for the employer! Add Beam's app that provides an easy way to find dental services in a nationwide network and employers can:

  • Offer more choice with ease
  • Save time and money with value added efficiencies
  • Drive higher employee engagement