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One Place Now 2020 Round-Up

In 2020, we launched our newest digital event series, One Place Now, bringing together leaders from across the benefits ecosystem for thought-provoking discussions on some of the biggest trends and challenges facing the industry today. As we move into 2021 and all of the exciting discussions we have in store, we wanted to take a look back on some of the biggest takeaways from our 2020 One Place Now events. 

Healthcare 3.0

Host: Stephen Lance, Senior Vice President, Benefitfocus

Presenter: Dr. Rubin Pillay, Assistant Dean, School of Medicine, and Chief Innovation Officer, Health System, University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Our inaugural One Place Now featured health care futurist Dr. Rubin Pillay and Benefitfocus Senior Vice President Stephen Lance for a discussion on how technology is driving the transition to prosumers, platforms and outsurance. Points of transformation are often proceeded by a disruption that ignites the need to accelerate a change. For the health care industry and many others around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic acted as that point of disruption, accelerating the use of many technologies. With the advance of biotechnologies, the change in patient and provider dynamics, and a growing provider gap, Dr. Pillay encourages benefits and health care leaders to get creative about how they will pivot their businesses for future success.  

Key Takeaways:

  • In the future biotech sensors could serve as the solution for one of health care and the insurance industry’s most pressing issues, patient compliance. 
  • The use of exponential computing technologies can solve the cost, quality and access challenges plaguing our industries today. 
  • It's becoming critically important for businesses to adopt a platform model in order to address access and costs challenges with exponential scale. 

Watch the on-demand event here.


Wellbeing: An Ecosystem Approach

Host: Misty Guinn, Director of Benefits and Wellness, Benefitfocus


  • Sabina Bhatia, Chief Customer Officer, PayActiv
  • Patrick Burke, Head of Healthcare, Happify
  • Emily Payne, Managing Editor, BenefitsPRO
  • Jason Von Bank, President and CEO, Wellbeats

In October, we focused on total wellbeing – physical, mental and financial – something top of mind for our industry, especially when facing the challenges brought on by COVID-19. With a shift to remote working and the mental and financial stress resulting from the pandemic, employers are being forced to get creative about the benefits they offer employees, opting for more innovative, digital first solutions. Our panelists shared staggering statistics regarding financial, mental and physical wellbeing, and offered up solutions and action plans for employers to take when addressing the things that are most affecting their employees and their families right now. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The holistic view to wellbeing matters. Promoting financial, mental and physical wellbeing through benefits promotes productivity, engagement and loyalty among employees. 
  • It's not enough to just offer the wellbeing benefit. Employers must meet their employees where they are and reposition the messaging of that benefit in a way that resonates with the challenges that employee is facing.
  • COVID-19 accelerated innovation in the benefits space, and more employees have begun to utilize digital health care solutions. Offering digital mental and physical wellbeing benefits can lead to greater utilization, capturing the employees that would not typically use an EAP or gym reimbursement benefit. 

Watch the on-demand event here.


Data as a Differentiator: Improving Data Quality and Empowering Cost-Savings

Moderator: John Thomas, Chief Data Officer, Benefitfocus 


  • Sarah Bigger, Health Care Futurist and Client Relations Consultant, Consociate
  • Wendie Carbone, Analytics Customer Success Manager, Benefitfocus
  • Jenna Colman, Vice President of Data Services, Benefitfocus

During our final One Place Now of 2020, a panel of industry experts and self-proclaimed data nerds, shared their perspectives on the importance of data quality and how the benefits industry can utilize data-driven insights to create positive outcomes for employees, members and customers. When it comes to benefits, we all want the same thing: for our employees and members to have the benefits they need when they need them. By ensuring data quality during file transmission, both inbound from the employer and outbound to the health plan, we can make sure the benefits are there when they're needed. As our panelists looked to the future of our industry, they noted that data-driven insights will play an even more critical role, especially in terms of cost containment and plan modeling, and encouraged the audience to take a more active role in data analysis in order to drive better outcomes for their employees and members. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Improving data quality is a collaborative process that involves the entire benefits ecosystem. By taking steps to improve data quality, we create more accurate insights to drive our decision making. 
  • The benefits industry continues to move towards the API space. By taking an API-first approach to data transmission, you can help ensure your business is prepared for the future. 
  • Employers must be aware of what's going on within their populations. Active population health monitoring is critical to cost containment. 
  • The pandemic has accelerated the adoption and utilization of telemedicine. Continuing to offer this benefit in the future can not only help your rural employees get the care they need, but also aid in cost-savings for your business. 

Watch the on-demand event here.


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