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Building Data-based Programs to Combat Rising Costs

See how Purdue University used Benefitfocus to combat rising health care costs with data analytics tools and actively partnering with their broker.

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Controlling costs without sacrificing quality 

When you're facing rising health care costs plus you're operating in one of the most expensive U.S. states for health care, what do you do? 

Take the challenge head on like Purdue University. 

Benefits Problem

Health care costs are rising between 4-8% annually. To make matters worse, Purdue University is in Indiana, one of the most expensive U.S. states for health care. These factors placed a huge strain on the university’s benefits program, which supports a diverse employee population. The benefits team was under pressure to control costs without sacrificing quality.

Benefits Solution

Purdue’s board of trustees set ambitious efficiency targets. Purdue implemented Benefitfocus’ Benefitplace™, providing employees a personalized enrollment experience as well as access to voluntary benefits to supplement health plans. The benefits team used the platform’s analytics tools in partnership with their broker to mine the university’s data, identify areas for improvement and ensure suppliers were providing strong value.

The Result

Purdue’s partnership with Benefitfocus and their broker enabled them to develop efficiency programs and select the more appropriate vendors for their benefit needs. The platform’s data-driven tools and ease of use empower employees to make better decisions about which benefits to choose and how to use them. Built-in reporting capabilities have also drastically reduced the time needed to prepare for audits.

Benefits for Purdue University

  • Gained deep insight into the university’s population and claims data using Benefitplace analytics tools
  • Developed programs to combat the rising cost of health care by embracing technology and actively partnering with their broker
  • Empowered employees to select the ideal benefits for their needs and become better consumers of health care

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“When you think about health care costs and saving money, you really have to dig into the data to find areas for improvement. The analytics in Benefitplace are great for this. Health care is confusing, so if you’ve got something like this that makes it easy, use it.”

Candace Shaffer
Senior Director of Benefits, Purdue University