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Keeping Employees Connected to Their Benefits at Kenco

Discover why the largest woman-owned 3PL selected Benefitfocus Benefitplace to replace the limited functionality of its HCM solution.

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Kenco had designed rules around their benefits program to encourage high participation, such as employees becoming eligible for benefits on day one of employment, auto-enrollment, and employer-paid voluntary benefits based on health plan election. However, the benefits module offered through its HCM platform lacked the functionality to support these policies and communicate the benefits to its geographically dispersed workforce. That’s when the decision was made to look for a platform that would adapt to their specific needs rather than continuing to pay for limited functionality. 


Kenco selected Benefitfocus for the flexibility of the Benefitplace™ platform to support the complexity of its benefits offering and the functionality it provided to streamline administration. The Benefitplace App also offered a convenient, more effective way for the benefits team to connect with the 95 percent of employees working in warehouses and driving trucks across the country. Employee can simply use their smartphone to enroll, make changes and learn about their benefits.