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Data as a Differentiator in a Competitive Market: Vendor ROI

A broker’s job is never easy, nor is it ever done. To complicate the work further, COVID-19 impacted employers and employees in unexpected ways. However, even through a year of disruption, there’s still the same need to deliver a data-driven benefit strategy that is focused on identifying and managing key health care cost drivers while optimizing benefit offerings to meet the needs of a diverse and evolving workforce.

In this session,  Amanda Johnson, our Health Insights Broker specialist, discusses the challenges and opportunities in managing vendor ROI. Learn from Amanda how brokers can harness the power of on-demand health plan analytics, robust benchmarking tools, and unique data insights to best support their clients' needs.


Amanda Johnson, Customer Success Manager/Broker Specialist, Health Insights, Benefitfocus

Matthew Orosz, Manager, Content Marketing, Benefitfocus

About the Author

Matt is a Content Marketing Manager at Benefitfocus. He came to Benefitfocus with 10 years of clinical experience, in both Primary and Specialty Care, and developed a unique specialty at the crossroads of data based health analytics and individual provider and member health and wellness initiatives as an Health Insights Customer Success Manager. Matt joined the Content Marketing team in 2020 where his focus is to use his experience to develop insightful and impactful resources for health benefits leaders to help them navigate an evolving and increasingly complex landscape. Matt holds a Bachelor's degree in English from The Ohio State University and a Master's degree in English from The Citadel Graduate College.

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