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An Introduction to Insight-Driven Benefits Administration

Benefitfocus offers a resource to evaluate your current benefits program and improve strategy.

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Your benefits program isn’t a zero-sum game. It can be a strategic asset, if you can pull the right levers effectively.

That’s where insight-driven benefits administration comes in.

So, what is it exactly and how do you know where you stand in your approach? Find out in the eBook, An Introduction to Insight-Driven Benefits Administration.

Solving the Benefits Conundrum

Benefits programs are expensive — for both employees and employers. But employers have three powerful levers available to them to control these costs:

1. Plan Design
2. Population Health Management

3. Employee Engagement

By aggregating and analyzing benefits data using a cloud-based platform, employers can learn how to design, optimize and manage benefits programs that empower employees to make better decisions about their health and financial wellness.

At the same time, modern cloud-based benefits platforms give employees the Amazon-style experience they expect — and provide the education, communication and personalized suggestions employees need in order to choose and use their benefits effectively.

As a result, it should be no surprise that when employees are healthy and receive the support they need, a host of other positive outcomes occur:

  • Greater employee retention
  • Reduced costs for all parties
  • Reduced sickness absence and presenteeism
  • Improved productivity

Read the full eBook for the complete story!