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Efficiency Meets Engagement: Key Considerations for Health Insurer Competitiveness

Bill Pieroni, President and CEO, ACORD  

Traditionally, insurance companies have had to make trade-offs between competing on price and competing on customer experience. But as both health care spending and consumer expectations continue to grow, such compromises are not a long-term path to success. In this session, ACORD will share key findings from its recent first-of-a-kind U.S. market analysis on the role that technology platforms play in enabling health insurers to meet the demands of consumers while also driving operational efficiencies. 

The presentation will focus on identifying implications, opportunities and imperatives for carriers as they consider how they will evolve their approach to: 

  • Attract and engage consumers on a digital shopping journey  
  • Differentiate and diversify their product offerings  
  • Maintain growth and profitability in an ever-changing world