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Digital Transformation: Imperatives for the Benefits Industry


Employers, employees, benefits providers and insurance brokers all serve important roles in helping consumers select and understand their benefits – and so does technology. Emerging technologies are impacting the benefits industry in a variety of direct and indirect ways, transforming how businesses support their customers, how health care providers interact with patients, how employers engage their employees and how patients participate in their own health care.

In this session, a panel of experts on digital transformation will discuss how technology is evolving these relationships. Join us to:

  •        Dive-deeper on what digital transformation means
  •        Examine the market conditions that are driving transformation
  •        Gain insight into catalysts and roadblocks to transformation
  •        Discuss considerations for your own customer and employee experiences

Host: George Evanko, Director of Public Relations and Social Media, Benefitfocus


Lygeia Ricciardi, Digital Health & Patient Engagement Expert

Jaimy Szymanski, Digital Transformation Authority & Founder of Kaleido Insights