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ROI of a Quote-to-Pay Solution for Health Plans

Find out how a regional US-based health plan achieved $9.2 million in cost savings by replacing legacy systems with Benefitfocus Benefitplace.

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Improving Customer Experience and Business Agility


In-house legacy applications to manage enrollment and billing were expensive to operate and maintain, only to deliver a disjointed customer experience that put key accounts at risk.


Unify enrollment, data exchange and billing under one platform with BPO support to automate processes, reduce costs and improve flexibility, driving growth across business segments.

Higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) from improved customer experience

Fewer errors, faster processing times and paperless invoicing made it easier for brokers and group administrators to work with the health plan, and ultimately improve the experience for members.

Improved ability to compete in the marketplace

Adopting a modern SaaS solution led the health plan to shift away from siloed functions to a more empowered sales support model, enabling them to better meet evolving market demands and scale for growth.

Confidence and reliability through partnership

Benefitfocus’ unwavering commitment to working together for creative solutioning has been extremely valuable, providing the health plan with confidence in its ability to support customers and members.

Strategic insights and networking from advisory councils

Benefitfocus advisory councils give the health plan a unique opportunity to leverage the collective knowledge of their industry peers for problem solving and influence Benefitplace development to stay head of competitors.

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