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Benefitplace Rx Insights

Discover how Benefitplace Rx Insights uses automation to identify lower-cost prescription drug alternatives for members, driving savings for employers and employees.

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Light the way to prescription drug savings

While soaring pharmacy costs are largely attributed to drug manufacturers, prescribing physicians can be responsible for a lot of wasteful spending — through no fault of their own.

Prescription costs depend on the patient’s health plan, formulary, deductible, and many other factors. For a doctor, who prescribes for health and not cost, it’s impossible to be an expert on that information for each and every patient. The patient certainly isn’t.

An extension of Benefitplace™ Health Insights, Benefitplace™ Rx Insights is here to fill the knowledge gap for the benefit of self-funded employer health plans. Though ongoing analysis of the employer’s prescription claims data and formularies, Rx Insights identifies drugs for which there is a lower-cost alternative and automates the process of getting the prescription switched for the member — leading to immediate savings for both the member and the employer.