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Separately Together

Mental Health Support in the Workplace

Over the past few months many of us have realized how much we need human connection. Whether you see yourself as ‘connection-light’ or an ‘uber-connector’ the reality of, and need for, social distancing is having an effect on everyone.

While the day-to-day may be different for each of us, there is something vital – for our metal health and overall well-being – in knowing that we are all in this together. With that in mind, here are a few tips to staying healthily connected during this socially distanced time.

  • Take time to post about the roses – There is no lack of talk about (and on) social media about the pro’s and con’s of… well, everything. We aren’t encouraging any oversharing, but we do encourage taking a moment to talk about, show and sure… get credit for, the things you are happy about. Everyone can use a little happy, and it’s ok to find it!
  • Creativity for the win – Zoom-fatigue is as real as mask-breath, so make sure you aren’t a part of all-day-video-call-burnout while still finding ways to have people over through the magic of technology. Virtual happy hours, book club revivals, and watching tv shows while on the phone with friends that would make our teenage-selves proud are all ways to stay both safe and connected. And don’t forget to FaceTime your family every now and then.
  • Meet your new best friend, Grace – As we mentioned, the in’s and out’s of pandemic-life is different for everyone and we all handle it a little bit differently but we are all in this together, which is why a little grace can go a long way. When your colleague gets pulled away five times during a 30-minute call for a kid request, just smile and remember where we all are. When the wait for food is twice as long as you hoped take a breath and trust it will come and this is all temporary.
  • Mind the information overload – Yes, post the roses but then get off social media and enjoy them. We are in the midst of historic times from every direction, while it is important to star informed and educated it is also important to unplug from all of the news from time to time. Use that extra time to check in on your coworkers, friends or even no one at all.
  • Find time to talk – most importantly, if you are struggling with everything that is going on or even things that feel minor, talk to someone. Even though social distance is necessary right now, emotional health and connection is key. Reach out to your friend, look into telehealth options for counseling or check out some of the innovative mental health apps available on your phone. There are numerous companies such as BetterHelp or Happify that are working hard to make sure people have access to help when it is needed.

No one knows how to do this perfectly and we are all trying to get through it one day at a time. While it could feel hopeless to be isolated in a time of turmoil there are many ways to remain close… from a distance.

We are working hard to provide you with tangible support and solutions. Check out the opportunities we have available now in our Benefit Catalog and let us know how you can implement these easily into your offerings.