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Technology for Health Plans to Thrive in the Post COVID-19 Environment

Let’s face it. Maintaining business as usual in the health insurance marketplace wasn't an option when the coronavirus hit and the need for health plans to rapidly innovate will only accelerate in the post-pandemic environment. 

See how our platform enables health plans to not only adapt, but thrive. You'll get an inside look at how our AI-powered platform solution provides the automation and scale necessary to drive operational efficiency while meeting the new broker and consumer expectations around user experience and digital transformation. 

Solutions you'll see will include:

  • Quoting: An automated, insight-driven experience for brokers & groups
  • Enrollment: A versatile set of enrollment & admin tools to support your groups' complex benefit strategies
  • Exchange: Enable accelerated enrollment & renewals for even the most complex groups
  • Billing & Payments: Automate invoicing, payments and adjustments while delivering industry-leading customer experience